Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tired of Being Sorry - Enrique Iglesias

I'm standing in the street
Crying out for you
No one sees me
But the silver moon

~ Tired of Being Sorry | Enrique Iglesias ~

"Tired of Being Sorry" is the second international single released from Enrique Iglesias's 2007 album Insomniac. The song and video were featured on America's Next Top Model, Cycle 9, in an episode focused on video modeling.

It topped the Finnish and Romanian singles charts, while also reaching #2 in the New Zealand RIANZ chart. However, it could only reach #20 on the UK Singles Chart.

A version of the song was recorded as a duet with French singer Nâdiya under the title "Tired of Being Sorry (Laisse le destin l'emporter)" with French lyrics was released in France and went straight to number one on the chart edition of April 19, 2008.

The line in the song "maybe I was lonely" is a clue that he has cheated on his woman. There is a certain type of person who can't be true to one person even if they are totally in love with the one they are committed to (I use the word committed loosely in this case). "I've trashed myself – I've lost my way" . . . excuses . . . and tired of saying he is sorry because he is addicted to cheating.

This song so reminds me of an extremely volatile relationship with someone who was a cheater and then could not take it when I left him, crazed with jealousy becoming very dangerous to the point to where I had to involve the police to protect me . . . I can relate to hearing someone saying they are sorry . . . we both got tired of the whole situation.

Although I love this song, I obviously have mixed feelings about what it represents to me and the memories it brings up.

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