Saturday, April 28, 2007

Blog Update

Greetings from Sunny Florida where we are experiencing the most beautiful time of the year.

It may seem like I have forgotten my music blog, but that is so far from reality as I have so many ideas but not enough time to do them all. I've been working behind the scenes building up my music playlists at since I have been so disappointed with You Tube.

While I can understand copyrights, royalties and all that, the constant pulling of videos from You Tube is making it impossible to keep up with them all. Seems like the videos showing up on You Tube and freely distributed on the internet would be great exposure for music and enhance sales, especially with older music and groups who otherwise would have gotten lost in the myriad of music and entertainers.

Anyway, I don't have time for looking around to find replacement videos . . . I have tried and it gets more difficult as I add content to the blog. So . . . rather than such a concentration on videos, I have decided to place more emphasis on the music itself and the story behind the music. Of course I will still add the video, but not make myself crazy trying to find new videos after the original is pulled. Nuff said about that!

As I develop my music blog, I have an interest in showcasing new talent . . . but only if I like the music! I'll be updating my presence at MySpace with a stronger emphasis on music since my business plans have changed. Fabulous new music is so easy to find on MySpace . . . helping new entertainers get their name out to music lovers seems like the perfect project for a music lover like me.

It will take some time, since my business plans have changed and I need to get a real job away from the computer.

Just wanted to post a blog update. Visit me at and check out the many playlists I have been working on . . . . . .

Have a fabulous day!!