Monday, May 5, 2008

A Tribute to 80's Big Hair Bands

This is a repost from my original blog which included a ton of music videos that You Tube has since deleted. I hate when they do that!

While I can appreciate copyright, royalties and all that, I don't understand why the musicians and everyone involved don't appreciate the free advertising that their fans give them in my type of blogs. I'm not giving away music via downloads . . . I'm providing memories that could result in someone who doesn't own a CD of a particular artist and MAYBE I reminded them of how much they love and miss a particular album enough for them to purchase one of their memories on CD.

Anyway . . . this post is a work in progress . . . a sarcastic thank you to the music industry for ruining my music blogs.

My favorite big hair band . . . Bon Jovi


At least one babe (who wouldn't give

you the time of day in real life)

Poofy hair( the higher the better)

Torn clothing

Cheesy keyboards

At least one change of clothing

Stage effects (smoke, lasers, etc.) or visual effects

(artist jumping through a TV, disappearing, etc.)

Wild instrumental or record scratch solo

A storyline

Fishnet stockings (girls . . .usually)

A cool car (although any kind of transportation is

acceptable, like a plane, bus or a motorcycle)


Silk shirt opened to the navel exposing chest hair!

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