Sunday, August 18, 2013

Locomotion Tango ~ Modern Talking

Locomotion Tango Extended Dance Remix ~ Modern Talking

Locomotion Tango (Original Version) ~ Modern Talking

Locomotion Tango is a song by Modern Talking, written and produced by Dieter Bohlen from their sixth album, In the Garden of Venus . . . the last album before the first official separation of the German act. 

The song was released as a single in 1988 . . . in Denmark only.  I wonder why this awesome song was not released as a single in other countries.  It is surprising to me that they are virtually unknown in the United States!

Modern Talking has been referred to as Germany's most successful pop duo consisting of Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen, whose music has often been classified as Europop.

Locomotion Tango is one of those happy, mood elevating songs that I often listen to when I want to get some stuff done around the house!  Great exercise music too!

Although there are many remixes of this song available, the extended dance mix I have featured is my favorite . . . along with the original.

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