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Silver . . . Ric Ocasek's tribute to Benjamin Orr

Benjamin Orr first met Ric Ocasek about 1968 or 1969. Benjamin and Ocasek formed a musical partnership in 1970 that would continue in various incarnations until the break-up of the Cars in 1988.

After moving to Boston, the two formed a folk band called Milkwood with guitarist James Goodkind. In 1973, the group released one album, How's the Weather?, which failed to chart. Remaining in Boston, Ocasek and Orr then formed another band, Richard and the Rabbits, featuring keyboardist Greg Hawkes, followed by another band, Cap'n Swing, which included guitarist Elliot Easton. After the group broke up in 1976, the three of them along with Hawkes and drummer David Robinson formed the Cars.

As a member of the Cars, Benjamin sang lead vocal on some of the band's best known songs, including their first top 40 hit "Just What I Needed", "Let's Go," and  "Drive", their highest-charting U.S. single.

Benjamin's favorite song from the Cars:  "Drive"

In April 2000, Benjamin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer . . . he died at home in Atlanta on October 4, 2000.

Their friendship was commemorated in a song Ocasek wrote as a dedication to Orr upon his death . . . “Silver”, from Ocasek's 2005 solo album, Nexterday.

The Cars reunited ten years after Benjamin's death, and released their seventh studio album Move Like This in May 2011. Orr was given special thanks in the liner notes: "Ben, your spirit was with us on this one."

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Silver | Ric Ocasek

You were my silver 
you were my gold
you were all the things that can't be told
you were my star falling through the night
you were the one who showed me grand delight
i can't see you but i need you
and you're gone
you were my right hand you were my friend
you were always strong until the end
you were my good time you were my rave
you're the one that always set the stage
you're what i once new now i miss you
cause youre gone
now i spend my lonely nights
wishing you were here to make things right
to turn my darkness into light
you were my party you were my tea
you're the one that had faith in me

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