Sunday, July 10, 2016

California Girls, the song

California Girls | David Lee Roth

It is a rarity for the same song to bring memories of two different decades.  For the song California Girls, it is the David Lee Roth version of the 80's that would be my favorite.

The 80's were the best times of my life (so far), bring me my fondest memories and favorite musical decade. 

MTV introduced us to the visual side of the music industry and became a huge star maker, with the flamboyant David Lee Roth being one of the biggest stars.

David Lee Roth's version, which included backup vocals by Carl Wilson and Christopher Cross, peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1985.

The memories that the song brings to mind are Friday and Saturday night card games with friends who would all bring a cover dish added to the buffet table with MTV playing in the background.  Feast, fun and music!

Here are a few links pertaining to David Lee Roth:

David Lee Roth's Sunglasses and the California Girls Color Palette
David Lee Roth's Biography from MTV

The original version by The Beach Boys, takes me back to school days and summer vacation on Clearwater Beach.  

The Beach Boys and their "California sound" was not among my favorites.  My musical tastes of the times had to do with the British Invasion and especially the music of The Kinks.

Click here for an article from "Chronically Vintage" that was the inspiration for this post.  Jessica's memories of the song take her back to the days of the California sound.