Thursday, April 3, 2014

Linda Ronstadt - The "Mad Love" Album

Linda Ronstadt will finally be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2014.  

She appeared on the cover the Rolling Stone Magazine six times in the 1970's, who deemed her "The Queen of Rock."  By 1979, Ronstadt had collected eight gold, six platinum, and four multi-platinum certifications for her albums, an unprecedented feat at the time.

The changing times of the 80's had something different in store for Linda.

It is said that Linda hated her rock and roll image.

Imagine that . . . it is what most artists strive for.

Look at what they go through nowadays to get our attention!

on the cover of the February 28, 1977 issue

While she has had many accomplishments through the 1970's, my favorite is the theme of this post . . . the 80's punk/new wave times . . . and Linda's contribution to that music era . . . Mad Love.  Being the 80's freak that I am, it is, of course, my favorite of all her recordings.

"In 1980, Ronstadt released Mad Love, her seventh consecutive platinum-selling album. It was a straightforward rock and roll album with post-punk, new wave influences, including tracks by songwriters such as Elvis Costello, The Cretones, and musician Mark Goldenberg who played on the record himself.
She also made the cover of Rolling Stone magazine for a record-setting sixth time. Mad Love entered the Billboard Album Chart in the Top Five its first week (a record at that time) and climbed to the #3 position." Source:  Wikipedia 
Her success as a punky/new wave princess was short lived.  In my opinion, the Mad Love new wavish era for Linda was her best.  I'm sad she didn't continue with it. 

Although she recorded another successful pop/country influenced recording, her heart longed for something else, which would take her in an entirely different direction as an artist.
She had accomplished all the success for the pop, rock, country, folk, new wave genre . . . commercially successful to the max.  What more was left in this arena for Linda?  She had already reached the top.
I often wonder what the struggle is like for these artists who become so over the top successful that it actually becomes boring to them.  What was once a creative passion they loved as much as life itself became a job that most of us dread.  

How easy is it to walk away

from all that success and

everything that comes with it?

Linda has remained true to herself although it meant walking out of the spotlight that once haunted her, yet brought her success and riches beyond belief, and ultimately brought the media who helped her up the ladder of success, come to the plate to ridicule everything about her.
I believe Linda's had the last laugh . . . although her greatest fans from the rock days still miss her terribly, but happy for her.

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