Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits and The British Invasion

Peter Noone became the lead singer, spokesman and the face of Herman's Hermits when he was only 15.  Herman's Hermits was one of the most popular bands of the British Invasion in the early 1960s, having their share of hit records and success.

Graphic from Peter Noone's website

He currently has a show on Sirius satellite radio, "Something Good with Peter Noone," during which he plays '60s hits, offers commentary and often shares stories about the music and era.

He is also recognized from his hosting duties for VH1's "My Generation" and as host for the PBS special "The British Invasion Returns."  

Peter is still doing the concert circuit after all these years.  The Captain and I recently had the pleasure of attending one of his concerts and had a blast singing along to all those hits whose lyrics were still fresh in our minds.  

His voice is as awesome as ever, with the same witty personality as Herman the teenage boy with the sweet face we knew back in the day.   It was an excellent concert we will not soon forget . . . what a treat.  Peter is a timeless entertainer who is very entertaining!

Photo by Gina Alfani

So much success that started at a very young age . . . and turned out to be a great role model as an adult from my generation.  It seems like he has really enjoyed his success and doesn't take himself so seriously . . . it is all about his fans.  Admiral man!

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