Thursday, April 21, 2011

Roxette . . . I Call Your Name (Remix)

Roxette is one of my favorite groups with gorgeous vocals by Marie Fredriksson and the awesome songwriting talent of Per Gessle.  

The duo from Sweden arrived on the music scene with their first album Pearls of Passion in 1986, along with a remix version that followed their debut album, Dance Passion ~ The Remix Album in 1987.  Both albums were only released in selected European countries.

Pearls of Passion peaked at #2 on the Swedish charts.

The following music video I created is the remix version of the song "I Call Your Name" . . . one of my favorite songs from Roxette, although there are many.  It would be difficult for me to pick my absolute favorite from Roxette!


ropcorn said...

Oh! Roxette were my HUGE idols when grew up. I adored them and used to sing and dance to their music all the time!

Great video you made! So fun t see that you like them too. :p


Gina Alfani said...

Thank you Alexandra . . . awesome to hear that you also love Roxette . . .I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEIR MUSIC and never get tired of it.

:) Gina