Friday, October 8, 2010

La Bouche - Be My Lover

Melanie Thornton always knew she wanted a singing career . . . her career started with voice and piano lessons at the age of six.  She was not an overnight success by any means . . . after many years of singing in night clubs, Melanie moved to Germany with $15 in her pocket in pursuit of a serious music career.

A gig as a studio session singer/musician and assisting producers co-writing dance songs got her the big break.  

In 1993, upon hearing her gorgeous voice, Uli Brenner and Amir Saraf knew she was perfect for their dream, a long time project called "La Bouche."  Melanie was teamed up with Lane McCary and soon after doing the studio session, a record label was interested releasing the song Sweet Dreams as a single.  

LaBouche was born . . . the rest is music history . . . and the subject of subsequent posts on one of my favorite groups.

Be My Lover was the second single released from their debut album Sweet Dreams, launching them as one of the most successful dance music artists of the 90's.

The following is my video tribute of the song Be My Lover, dedicated to the late Melanie Thornton, a great talent taken from her fans and loved ones way too soon.

LaBouche RockAmerica Megamix

More posts to come on one of my favorite groups!

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