Sunday, August 22, 2010

Donna Summer . . . A Love Trilogy

~ Try Me, I Know We Can Make It | Donna Summer ~

~ Intro - Prelude To Love - Could It Be Magic | Donna Summer ~

~ Wasted | Donna Summer ~

~ Come With Me | Donna Summer ~

The sensual sounds of one of

Donna Summer's earlier albums . . . A Love Trilogy

My favorite of all of them!

A Love Trilogy is the third album by Donna Summer. It was released in the spring of 1976, just a couple of months after her international breakthrough with the single and album of the same name - Love To Love You Baby.

The raunchy and sexual nature of that particular song had earned Summer the title "The first lady of love." By now Summer's work was being distributed in the U.S. by Casablanca Records, and they in particular were keen for her to continue portraying this image, despite her not being completely comfortable with it. As such, the Love Trilogy album continued in the same vein with the first side being taken up entirely by one long disco track - in this case "Try Me, I Know We Can Make It".

Side Two contained the actual "love trilogy" with a further three sexually-orientated disco songs, including a cover of Barry Manilow's Could It Be Magic. The album's artwork showed Summer floating light-heartedly through the clouds, again adding to the image of her as a fantasy figure. 
While the album sold well across the world, (it was her second, consecutive album to be certified Gold in the United States) it failed to produce a successful follow-up single to "Love To Love You Baby". Edited versions of "Try Me, I Know We Can Make It" and "Could It Be Magic" charted in some nations, but sales figures did not come close to those of her breakthrough single.

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