Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cheb Khaled ft Carlos Santana . . . Love to the People

All I can say is WOW . . . an awesome mix of middle eastern/latino music! Check it out . . . here is some background on the song and the artist. I have really enjoyed Cheb Khaled's music in the past and this just blew me away . . . however, I must say that Santana is one of my favorite musicians, so I am a bit partial!

"Love to the People" was co-produced by award winning, Arab–North African music producer Dawn Elder, also the executive producer for the US version of Ya-Rayi. "Love to the People" marks the first time Khaled has sung in both English and Arabic, and the song finds him blending his voice with the smooth, reggae vocals of Elan, an interweaving with soaring guitar work from Carlos Santana.

This Khaled recording moves easily from funky, danceable rhythms to pop, balladry, and plenty of hardcore raï. On the funky side, "Ya-Rayi" reunites Khaled with tenor saxophonist David McMurray who played on previous hits like "Didi" and "Walou Walou." Khaled is backed by The Orchestra of Cairo and a tight brass section. On "Mani Hani," Khaled is accompanied by veteran North African pianist Maurice El Médioni. The Arabic version of "Love to the People" offers the perfect balance between Khaled’s voice and Carlos Santana’s signature guitar.

Source: World Music Central


Anonymous said...

Wow! Wonderful world music
I have listned to many nice songs of Khaled & Santana. It's nice to hear both their voices together.

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Gina Alfani said...

Thank you . . . I love it :)