Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Donnas ~ Fall Behind Me

This American all-female band from
Palo Alto, California made their
debut in 1993 with fun and catchy tunes
 reminiscent of 80's punk/new wave
with a twist of hard rock, pop and
alternative music.

The following is a fan video I made
featuring my favorite song from
The Donnas . . . Fall Behind Me.

Brett Anderson, Allison Robertson, Maya Ford and Torry Castellano, junior high best friends and self-taught musicians, formed a band in the eighth grade to play for a school function.

They signed with Atlantic Records in 2002 and enjoyed moderate mainstream success and played the main stage at Lollapalooza in the summer of 2003.

Atlantic also energetically marketed The Donnas through placements in numerous film and video game soundtracks.

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Fall Behind Me | Lyrics

I can't believe she bought it

She got too close and she caught it

Had a point but she forgot it

When you skip steps on the way up

The gaps have a way of catching up

And you can't cover that with make-up

You're gonna fall behind me

You're gonna cry and beg for mercy

'Cause you're not ready baby

And you got nothing on me

Now that I'm getting to know her

Part of me wants to show her

Who she's really screwing over

'Cause she's got nothing real

Taking everything that she can steal

Just like it was her last meal

How long is she gonna be around?

How long do we have to watch her dumb it down?

'Cause when it's cheap it fades fast

How long does she think it's gonna last?

And you got nothing on me . . .

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