Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ari Hest

Ari Hest mini-playlist

They're On To Me

Since I'm such a music freak, I spend lots of time on MySpace cruising for new music. This is where I discovered Ari Hest two years ago . . . he has become one of my favorite singer/songwriters and as a relative newcomer, I expect great things are gonna happen for Ari.

This is an excerpt from his website

A productive musician and prolific songwriter, Ari writes songs every week and tours consistently throughout the year, honing the tunes in front of ever-appreciative audiences. During the two years since his major label debut, Ari has produced two DIY recordings -- 2005's Guilty Hearts EP and 2006's The Green Room Sessions -- for which he produced and recorded his performances on every instrument using Apple's GarageBand software. Still, there was plenty of new material ready for The Break-In. "By the time we began recording for this album, I had enough songs written that I didn't have to write anything in the studio," Ari says of the song selection. "We just had to arrange what was already there."

Ari's MySpace Page

Click on the label "Ari Hest" for more entries on Ari . . . I love him, so there will be much more to come

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