Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Michael Jackson . . . King of Pop . . . can he come back?

Without hesitation, I call him the greatest entertainer ever and you can't take the "King of Pop" title away from him . . . because he IS. A little boy grew up before our eyes while amazing and dazzling us with his talent as he entertained. He gave his life to the music. Musically, I grew up on the Jackson Five and Michael Jackson took me into the music video generation . . . and he and his brothers showed me how to dance.

MJ MegaMix

Short Clip about Michael's dancing

The highlight of a visit to Epcot Center at Disney World was to see the groundbreaking Captain EO 3D movie that I wish I could see again. Michael Jackson at his best! I would stand in line for hours and go back to see it again . . . it was THAT good. Somebody bring it back, but this time to the movie theatres!!!!! . . . it was awesome. I found the promotional advertisement that ran on television before they premiered it at the theme parks and a clip from the movie . . . watch them before Disney has them removed from YouTube as they have all the others. Imagine seeing this on an usually large movie screen, awesome sound system and in 3D . . . WOW!!

Walt Disney's Captain EO Trailer

. . . and a bit of the video . . . watch it before Disney has it removed

Maybe I was the only one who was so happy when I heard that Michael had married Lisa Marie Presley . . . the King of Pop married the King's daughter . . . they could have been awesome together even though the music styles are somewhat different. Could have been the birth of a new style of music, who knows.

My feelings about him personally are so torn and it breaks my heart since he has always given me the impression of being a very honest and sweet person and I have loved him as an entertainer so much. Only he and God know the real truth of what has been accused of him in the past . . . AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MUSIC. I try not to judge another human being, especially one with lots of money and a target for opportunists . . . either way, it is a sad world that we live in.

Take a look back at his amazing talent and remember WHY he has been labeled "The King of Pop" . . . he is one fabulous entertainer. I've compiled quite an array of Michael Jackson performances that convinces me he will come back better than ever because he has the unique talent that surpasses time.

Rumor has it he will be making his United States comeback in Las Vegas . . . other than Cher and Elvis, I can't think of anyone else who could do so much justice to the stages of Las Vegas in a grandiose style with so much star power and entertain with such excitement, sparkle and shine. What a treat! I would be the first in line if I could afford the tickets!

Hopefully we can all rise above his personal problems and get back to the music . . . check out the videos and be reminded . . . I did, and he blew me away again.

Thank you for the decades of entertaining us Michael . . . hopefully there will be more and more to come . . .

Michael's dance steps

Michael Jackson clips

Blood on the Dance Floor

Janet and Michael Jackson - The Grammy Awards 1993

Dance Break . . . Dangerous (Live) 1993

Black or White

Black or White (Live)

Smooth Criminal Video

Smooth Criminal - Live in Mexico

Bad - Video

Beat It

Billie Jean

Best Dance

Michael Jackson - best of - part 1

King of Pop . . . Bad Live

Thriller . . . full version

Scream - Michael and Janet Jackson

Motown 25 - The Jacksons

Earth Song

The Way You Make Me Feel/Fly Away (Live)

1995 MTV Performance Medley Video

My Michael Jackson music playlist . . .

check out the awesome remixes!

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