Wednesday, December 20, 2006

INXS and Rock Star, the television show

I recently remembered a television show called "Rock Star" after going on a marathon INXS listening day. It was a genius concept for a television show . . . the rock group INXS needed someone to replace Michael, the lead singer who had died. So the television show "Rock Star" was born. It was awesome!

Since INXS is one of my all time favorite groups, I watched the show with mixed feelings . . . no one could ever replace Michael, but happy to see the band come back. As it turns out, J.D. Fortune was an excellent choice.

Tonight I went on a search for video from that television show and viola . . . I found an awesome performance from the show of my favorite INXS song, Mystify, and the original video with Michael. I love this song . . . I am also including some videos of my other favorite INXS songs.

Mystify ~ original video ~ INXS

Mystify ~ Performed by J.D. Fortune ~ Rockstar INXS

What You Need ~ Live ~ INXS

Need You Tonight ~ INXS

Devil Inside ~ INXS

Never Tear Us Apart ~ INXS

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