Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dance Music from the 90's

I'm in the process of replacing useless videos
 that You Tube yanked off their website.

It was a very happy and optimistic time of my life . . . after working weekend markets for five years, my husband and I decided to open up a storefront boutique. It was good times and party time . . . we had a blast. All of the following dance/techno/electronic music was popular back in those days and I played it in the store to create an energetic, fun and upbeat kind of atmosphere. The kind of music played on the fashion runways of Milan and Paris and in the dance clubs . . . I still listen to this music . . . my favorite of this music is the first video ~ Corona ~ Rhythm of the Night.

Corona ~ Rhythm of the Night (Live)

Corona ~ Rhythm of the Night (Original Video)

Ace of Base ~ The Sign

No Mercy ~ Where Do You Go (Video)

What happened to this group? Are they still based in Miami? 
Are they still recording and performing? . . . Under what name?

No Mercy - Please Don't Go

No Mercy - Missing

Will Smith ~ Gettin' Giggy With It ~
One of my favorite funky dance songs!

Haddaway ~ What is Love

La Bouche ~ Be My Lover (US Version)

LaBouche ~ Sweet Dreams (European Version)

LaBouche ~ SOS (Radio Version)

Real McCoy ~ Run Away

Culture Beat ~ Mr. Vain

London Beat ~ I've Been Thinking About You

Here is a link for lots more information on dance music in the 90's . . .
"Dance Music in the Age of Techno"

And then came the boy bands and some girls too . . . . and manufactured pop that we still love today . . . the commercial stuff that made household names of the Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, The Spice Girls and a girl named Britney . . .

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