Sunday, December 17, 2006

Britney . . . since she's been in the news

The undisputed Queen of Teen Pop seems to have aspirations of being a trashy tabloid queen . . . Britney Spears . . . She is one of my favorite entertainers with an abundance of talent and I love her music. 

 One of my biggest disappointments is that she and Justin Timberlake did not make it as a couple since I could imagine the two of them occasionally teaming up professionally . . . wow, that would have been phenominal. 

 Another disappointment is how she has handled becoming rich and famous . . . I just hope she doesn't crash and burn before her time despite all that talent. She has the potential to be such a positive role model . . . it is not too late!

Here are some of my favorite Britney videos . . .




And the one that started it all . . .
Baby One More Time

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